Which Bridal Gown Style You Want to Select for Your Wedding

Which Bridal Gown Style You Want to Select for Your Wedding


Men perhaps have less choices in dresses, if not less, then definitely less than women. Girls have an abundance of outfits, we mean fashion-wise, and when the time comes of their wedding, they never shy to buy more outfits and wedding dresses for their weddings. It is the day that they always want to and try to make it as memorable as they want to. But sometimes it is often confusing for brides which bridal dress they want to wear on their wedding. If we see culture wise, gowns are mostly worn in western side and sarees and sarees types of suits are worn in India. But nowadays there are no any cultural boundaries, you can wear whatever you want to wear on your wedding whether gown or other Indian bridal traditional suits. In many weddings in India, it has been seen that brides wear gowns and in other countries, foreign women can be seen wearing sarees and Indian suits. People from outside of India tremendously like Indian culture and traditions, and wedding ceremonies and they often love to wed swearing them.

Wedding gowns are in trends and there are varieties

Wedding gowns are in trends and there are varieties of it that you can choose for your wedding. It depends on you whether you want to buy readymade or customizedly designed by your favorite designer. It is often seen that brides spend too much on their wedding outfits while it is advised that they should not. So whenever you are buying your wedding outfits, always keep a fixed budget in your mind. Mostly wedding gowns worn by brides are white in color but there are other varieties of it in different colors and designs. There are basically 6 gown dress silhouettes defined suiting women.


They are as following:

The Empire Line gown

The A-Line Gown

The Ball gown

The Trumpet

The Sheath Gown

The Mermaid


The Empire Line gown:  this gown is defined by the raised waistline that sits below the bust from where the rest of the dress starts and comes down to the hem. This type of silhouette is considered perfect for pear-shaped brides. But mostly it fits well on every body type.  Those brides who have long torso and short legs, the empire line gown is perfect for them.

Empire Line gown, BRIDAL GOWN
Empire Line gown

The A-Line Gown: it is the classic wedding gown with a simple style that is fit for every occasion. It can suit to all figures of women.  Line gowns are helpful to hide a large lower body part, and with just a few modifications as you want to, whether on the neckline, waistline including the fabric can enhance the look of yours.

A-Line Gown
A-Line Gown


The Ball gown: those brides who have the thin waistline and heavy lower body part, this gown is perfect for them. Although it is mostly suitable to all body types, especially pear-shaped and slender figures. Those brides who are very short in size they should not go for the Ball gown. You should have the proper height to maintain the gown length.

The Ball gown
The Ball gown

The trumpet:  this wedding gown style goes down just below the hips. It looks like a semi-full skirt without having any extra volume. This gown looks more like a mermaid type of gown but mermaids are more fitted than these.

The trumpet
The Trumpet GOWN

The Sheath gown: the Sheath gown is also known as column style because this gown closely goes with the contours of the body. This style is best for lean body figures whether short or tall in height. This gown is best for those brides who are short in height and who want to look taller. But if you think that in this type of gown you can hide your problem areas, then it is not possible. There is not much room for it. There is a possibility for minor flaws.

Sheath gown

The Mermaid: this gown looks fit than the trumpet and gives you the sexy look embossing the every curve of your body that you want to flaunt. You will definitely look double CC: Confident and comfortable. But the mermaid style is not for everyone, only those who have slender body whether they are short or tall in height but slender figures only. The main thing that you should consider when you want to wear this gown is that you should feel confident in it. If you are not feeling confident then don’t go for it.

The Mermaid GOWN

Apart from all if you are looking to buy perfect gowns for your wedding, and your wedding is in Delhi, then there are many shops for top bridal gowns in Delhi, where you can go and select your choice as you want.



Which Bridal Gown Style You Want to Select for Your Wedding
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Which Bridal Gown Style You Want to Select for Your Wedding
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