Wedding, the Eternal Journey


Wedding, the Eternal Journey


Wedding is about divine soul connection. The religious and pious rituals which unites not only couples but also their families into long term association. Everyone dreams about perfect marriage. “The Happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”

wedding is not just about a couple getting married. It’s about their love and spending a lifetime together, the happiness that you see on everyone’s face, the hopes, and aspirations and of course elderly blessings without which no relation completes.

Tears of joy, laughter and countless emotions, that’s what weddings are made of. I still remember my journey from Ms. to Mrs. and those endless beautiful memories.

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There is so much to think over it. So many preparations to do. And so many dreams associated with it. But when actual time comes, you fall short of ideas due to nervousness and all forms of emotions and so many things bothering you.

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Those were the days when you actually had to involve your family and family friends to arrange for list of elements needed for wedding planning. But thankfully these days I have a saviour, the Wedmegood wedding planning app., which is all in one solution to all your wedding event planning.


WedMeGood is an Indian Wedding Planning Website and app where you can find the best wedding vendors, with prices and reviews at the click of a button.

Plan your special day in creative and stylish way with wedmegood. They have successfully managed number of unique stories of couples in India and abroad. You can read about  real stories of happily married couples and how they went about planning their big day! These are the best way to understand a vendor’s work.

To get started, all you have to do is enter the wedding date and then fill out your Things To do list Then, you can effortlessly keep track of all the important things and also get real-time alerts.

They take care of all your wedding arrangement requirements from printing of invitation cards, wedding venues, photographers, makeup artist, customised bridal mehndi and selection of wedding designer outfit for your special day.

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Download the Wedmegood App and get your things sorted at a click.

So, in short, everything get sorted for my upcoming cousin’s wedding. I am going to enjoy the family wedding in full form. How are you planning for the wedding season? Do let me know

Wedding, the Eternal Journey
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Wedding, the Eternal Journey
Explore perfect new additions to wedding decor with wedmegood
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23 thoughts on “Wedding, the Eternal Journey

  1. Weddings are special occasions, it’s good to have a organisers to make the occasion perfect. Thanks for letting us know about wedmegood

  2. Wow.. this is actually a new thing . Thanks for sharing this amazing App, I would say a one stop destination for all the wedding related work.

  3. Looking out for wedding vendors is a big task…thank God we have such a wonderful application now which brings all vendors easily accessible for us..

  4. These days wedding planners have taken weddings to another level. The decor is totally bollywood style and who wouldn’t want a memorable wedding event! I will have to check this site for my brother’s wedding.

  5. It is so good to see wedding planning been taken up seriously and we allowing others to take the reins and tensions that involve planning a wedding.

  6. wedding season has started off. This app seems really interesting. Thanks for sharing such insightful post.

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