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Blind date- The Untold story, The Unforgettable experience




When you think about a blind date, your mind relate to unknown, uncertain experiences. You feel goose bumps in your stomach.

There was a time when I was single, free to think, felt like a free bird flying in open sky. No bounding, no worries. I went on a blind date with Mr. X and the world.

That time I had no idea that I was going on a date. There was a black glittery sky, a moon, lights all over.. you must be thinking where I am. I was on a flight from Delhi to London for business meet. But I knew from inside, it was more of a break for me from monotonous routine life to the unseen destination.

It was the ultimate flying experience for me. I was flying for the first time on an international flight. I was very excited and booked a window seat for myself. I plugged in my earphones and closed my eyes. The flight was about to take off and he entered. There was something on his face. He came and sat next to me.

Just then, the thunderstorm started, there was an announcement that our flight was delayed due to bad weather condition. After waiting for half an hour, finally the time had come.

I had mix of emotions and a fear inside. I tried to relax. The plane was about to take off and there was an announcement to fasten our seat belts. I was all alone on a business trip for the very first time. Never traveled on international flight before. I was  bit nervous.  I just closed my eyes tightly. Just then, I heard someone’s voice whispering in my ears.. Are you okay? I looked at him and he smiled. I said, yes, I am fine but could not say anything more at that moment.


I met him by chance. He was an Engineer and also a writer by interest, that’s all I knew about him. He was on his training for his next project. . After the plane took off, he called air hostess and asked for a glass of water for me. He said, look outside. . I opened my eyes and saw outside the window. The view was breath-taking.

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We were in the middle of clouds flying in the sky. Although it was our first meeting but I felt that connect. He praised about my dress. We cracked jokes and had a great time together. And I too had a dinner date in a sky.. haha.





It was raining outside. It was a beautiful experience.

I just got lost in nature’s beauty. I cud not imagine, that the nature could be this much beautiful. I was flying high and was thanking god for each and every moment that I was experiencing. It was so comfortable and a great experience with LUFTHANSA. I was on much awaited break from routine life. I felt like a free bird.

That moment was magical for me. “Khule aasman mai, Taron ki chaadar”, truly mesmerising. The plane flew over London bridge. The view from the sky was one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen.

The 10 Hours journey ended and we din’t realised. It was a great experience.  I just hope that I meet Mr. X again sometime. Life is unpredictable because we often meet many people, sometimes by chance, sometimes by luck.


On reaching, I visited London Eye. It  was always on my bucket list and to visualise it actually was a dream come true. It is one of the tourist attraction where over 3.75 million visitors visit annually. To pose and click in front of it was something beyond words.

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I had also visited Tower Bridge. The bridge crosses over the river Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London.

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I truly enjoyed the time I spent and felt like “Kangana Ranaut” of film Queen who was from small city but went and lived her dreams to the fullest.

You get one life, I feel one should enjoy all moments to the fullest. Fir – “Kal ho nah ho”

The above blog post is written on the topic #SayYesToTheWorld and #TheBlindList in association with #indiblogger and #Lufthansa airways.

Do check out the beautiful video here and share your #BucketList and #TheBlindList of unforgettable enriching experience with the world..

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The above blog post is written on the topic #SayYesToTheWorld and #TheBlindList in association with #indiblogger and #Lufthansa airways.
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20 thoughts on “Blind date- The Untold story, The Unforgettable experience

  1. Blind date till now was just a concept which I read in books or saw in movies…never thought that an unknown person sitting next to me could be a blind date..

  2. Your write up says it very clear that blubd date is not necessarily to be with with Mr.or Miss.Right. we meet many people on several occasions and they could be our blind date. Why not? Right? The click, the connection has to happen.

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