A Painting for the Good Times

   A Painting for the Good Times


A painting is the way of expression for an artist. It has the power to express about good and bad times and human emotions without a word. It is a silent beauty which speaks out the whole story with power of paint brush.

In a time where everything has become automated and is mass produced a custom and handmade item has become a rarity of sorts.

What a handmade item offers is some uniqueness and creativity which is hardly found on the assembly line.

There is something innately personal in it, which is not found in many a, fancy electronic gadgets which have come to the forefront in the digital age.

Thus I am very much in favor of getting handmade portrait painting especially if they are to be gifted, they can also be used as a showpiece and have several different advantages to it.


site image
site image

Getting a portrait painting done can enhance the ambiance and quality of a house to a great deal, adding a whole lot of artistic and positive vibes to it.

A home is not merely made up of bricks and cement rather it is a collection of the various memories, some good, some bad, some happy and some sad but all of them come together to make up an important and essential part of you.

A custom portrait is a great way to convert picture to oil painting and immortalize some of the best times that you have ever experienced.

It is a great way to showcase and showpiece your happiest moments in a creative and meaningful way.

A plethora of memories and emotions can be portrayed in a portrait painting.


With a massive array of features and mediums such as charcoal portrait, watercolor portrait, oil portrait PortraitFlip is definitely one of my favorite sites to procure authentic handmade portrait paintings.

They also give you an option of choosing a custom portrait of any size that you wish.

Getting a large size custom portrait done is a great way to make your house stand apart and creative in many ways.

It is a great way to remember the good times that have gone by.

Those precious moments that you wish you could relive for days if not years to come.

The stone once thrown, the words once said and the time once spent never come back therefore I would recommend each and every one of you to live your life to your potential best.

Do not forget to create and cherish memories on this beautiful journey called life.


A charcoal portrait painting is the perfect way to capture the moment or person of your life that you always want to keep by your side.

It is a great gifting option for any occasion as the receiver can very much connect to it on a personal level.

It is the perfect amalgamation of thought and art.

Convert portrait to painting of the moments that we yearn to create and capture in our life, something that brings meaning and joy to our soul, something that touches the heart and can never seem to leave the mind.



There is no certainty of time and therefore we should capture and convert these wonderful memories whenever possible.

A portrait painting is the perfect way to do this. An artistic touch and the time of your life, sounds like a really cool duo doesn’t it! (or maybe even a really dope sound track)

May such past memories give you the satisfaction that you have lived a life which was worth living with great times, great people and some really great memories.

The people we meet and the bond that we share with them can have an everlasting effect on us for times may change and fortunes turn but those people who believe in you will never leave your side.

PortraitFlip site image
PortraitFlip site image

Let such people know how much you mean to them by getting them a portrait painting of themselves or some beautiful moment/moments that you have shared together.

Because a gift more often than not transcends the materialistic preferences of a person and reflects his/her innermost desires. Thus a custom portrait painting is a perfect choice as the receiver can connect with it on a personal level.

May your heart and life be filled with some great and everlasting memories.

Every portrait that is Painted conveys the feeling of an artist and it is the best way for gifting.


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15 thoughts on “A Painting for the Good Times

  1. Charcoal painting is something I really want to learn …Im not so great painter but waiting always attracts me

  2. Getting your picture turned into a portrait is so royal. I certainly think so. I love gifting things to my family and this is a perfect gift.

  3. Paintings add beauty to the home..its the best gift because it always has a feeling attached to it and sweet memories keep reminding us of good time God had given us

  4. The samples of Portrait painting look so beautiful and detailing work. Indeed this is great way to add life to our Beautiful memories

  5. Oh wow this is one of the easy and yet memorable way of freezing the moment. The fact that so many options to get the painting done is too good!

  6. Wow!! What a unique idea
    .. fabulous for gifts and even for our own homes. Thanks for sharing this… With Diwali round the corner..can do something special:)

  7. Charcoal portrait painting stood out to me. I love monochrome photos and what better and artistic than a monochrome painting.

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