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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy


Eat Healthy, Live Healthy


My today’s write up is about healthy food and children food habits. We often order fast food from market on weekends. We give pocket money to kids to enjoy food from school canteen or local street vendors.

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It is not only school or college but offices too. We skip our breakfast number of times and prefer having food at restaurants or ordering thru number of food joints for easy convenience. But are we really doing good to ourselves.

I remember when I was in school, there was not a culture of online food delivery and also we dint have any too many options. I used to eat home made vegetable with chapatti or stuffed parathas. Its is said that Healthy mind leads to healthy body. It is only us who are encouraging our children to opt for unhealthy food habits.

Alu Paratha
Alu Paratha

Kids are so fond of momos, noodles, salted wafers, coloured candies. We don’t know the source of this food. Where is it prepared, how it is made, the ingredients etc. there is no nutritional value. It just fills our tummy but does not give any nutrition. Then we as parent complaint about why our kids are so weak and they get tired easily when they do any physical activities.

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When it comes to eating healthy, one of the most dangerous habits people develop is depending on fast food for meals. In today’s society, fast food has become a quick replacement for eating a home cooked meal. As a result, we’re experiencing more problems with obesity and chronic illness than ever before. For many people, eating fast food is as habitual as brushing their teeth.  In fact there are many families that eat most of their meals from a fast food restaurant.

When you need something quick, it’s easy to just hop in the car and grab a quick bite to eat on the way to your next stop. The cost of fast food is also appealing for many people.  Buying fresh, nutritious ingredients for meals can often break the family budget.


  • For the first time in history, children are having problems due to obesity that once plagued only adults such as type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.
  • The cost of treating medical conditions caused by a poor diet are much greater than any money you could save on a value menu
  • Fast food meals don’t contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for good health & causes heart diseases.
  • There are several things you can do to keep up with being busy and hectic without compromising on good nutrition.



Color: Kids like colors. If you prepare a colorful lunchbox, you child is going to love it.

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  • Presentation:  Even though your food isn’t tasty, your presentation can make it simply wow.
  • Involve the child: Try to involve your child while preparing the lunch box
  • Attractive Names : Give Lunch Box an attractive name, day wise like : Monday funday,, Tuesday tweet, Wednesday wistle etc. that makes your child happy

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy
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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy
eating habits your children pick up when they are young will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults
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79 thoughts on “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

  1. Health is our first & Foremost priority and still in today’s fast life , we are neglecting it through the vice of Instant / Junk food. Thanks Pooja for explaining the need to eat healthy , how to make children eat healthy. #MyFriendAlexa #SujatawdeReads

  2. I have noticed that when we involve the kids they do eat better. Thankfully both like veggies and fruits though variety needs to improve

    Namratha from #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  3. Well said. Its certainly we parents win first place who spoiled our kids habit. Reasons could wary, but thats true. Liked the presentation of the colorful lunch, attractive. For sure to attract kids.

  4. Nice tips on how prepare tiffins for kids. It is high time that all parents have to be educated on the awareness about diseases caused by fast food meals.

  5. Such an important topic, eating healthy is equivalent to living healthy. The future life of our kids is still in our own hands. The good eating habits we inculcate now will go a long way. Superb post!

  6. It’s true that what fills your stomach may not have the essential nutrients. Also the point you made about color, I totally agree. I believe that one first eats the food with the eyes and nose. The food which we plate must be appetizing to these senses too. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  7. This post makes so much of sense. If only we could make children eat healthy food in the same way as they eat junk food. Your lunch box ideas are interesting. Thank you for putting fresh ideas in our heads. 🙂
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  8. Food is such a important aspect of our life and we have gradually taken it for granted and we don’t invest the time and effort in preparing and consuming our food. A food for thought, as the food outside that we get, we have no clue on its composition, and yes we consume because we feel we don’t have the time and also the outside food taste good, therein we miss the trick. Healthy body and mind is product of eating healthy food and staying fit. Managing children’s array of demand for food is not an easy task and we succumb to their demand and we fit the bill, and the options and ease of getting from outside has made us lazy.
    Nicely written, thought provoking post and we can do so much provided we see through the consequences in future if not checked and controlled now.

  9. A senior colleague of mine told my how grateful her daughter was that she knew how to eat right and realised the value of that only once she was in college. Kids need to know they can enjoy the junk too – only occasionally 🙂

  10. Kids are smarter than what we give credit for. If we involve our kids while cooking and eating, they’ll understand what’s good for health and what’s junk. My son is 5 now and he clearly prefers healthy stuff.

  11. This post would be helpful not just for parents (to encourage their kinds into healthy eating) but for everyone (doctors included…sigh!). We all need reminders like these to constantly motivate us towards a fitter lifestyle.
    I just had a pizza dinner and I am feeling terribly guilty now. 😐

  12. I agree children pick up our habits. They simply repeat what parents do. And to give them healthy life parents need to eat healthy in front of them so that they pick up that habit and leads themselves to healthy life.

  13. Children nowadays love fast food. To some extent media and peer pressure is responsible for this. It is now imperative upon parents to inculcate good eating habits in their children of they want their kids to be healthy and strong.

  14. Good eating habits should be taught to kids right from the beginning. Good post. I like the idea of adding colourful variety to food to make it appetising.

  15. I guess each mom faces this situation, I’ve heard my bestie complaining the same and she does these things to involve her son and make great presentation with simple lunch box 🙂
    I’m preparing myself for this phase too 🙂 Fingers crossed.
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  16. A very apt post for the young parents who have got smitten with Fast food culture. You have correctly pointed out the fact that it is the parents who mostly introduce the kids to this world of Junk Food. They fail to understand that picking up these fast foods can save time but not health. The time is saved for now but the health is compromised forever. #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  17. I think eating outside once in a while is fine, body should be used to everything. We don’t want kids who cannot digest outside food when they have to eat it while traveling or when they grow up. But yes, choose a place you’d trust the cleanliness and quality for, and order things that are healthier. We usually order dosa idly or north indian when eating out.

  18. It has become necessary to inculcate healthy food habits in children….The more we introduce fruits and vegetables at a young age, the more they become habituated with them… Kids getting involved in their lunch preparation is also a great way to make them self sufficient while giving them information about the benefits of their lunch menus…

  19. I don’t know about kids but that colorful tiffin sure made me want to eat it! Really liked the idea of having a summary at the end.

  20. Cooking different recipes and that too cooking healthy is a difficult task for today’s moms. Involving the kids in meal planning is a great advice that we always do in our family.

  21. Eating healthy is important for any age. My kids like junk food too and I let them indulge once in a while. Most of the time though we have healthy homemade food. The fact that I love cooking is an advantage. Good presentation, like a simple smiley on a sandwich too is enough to make kids happy.

  22. This is so true that in todays time, kids are facing problems like obesity, diabetes and early puberty. And mostly this is the result of our bad eating habits. I try to give my son only home cooked meals and thankfully he does not like much of fast food or outside food.

  23. Fantastic post! Most parents in my son’s school simply give them 200-300 rupees a day and they splurge it on junk food. I am always wondering how to make his tiffin as healthy as I can. Your post comes as a relief. Thank you, henceforth I will pay attention to the colours as well.
    #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  24. I recently talked about this fast food addiction on my own blog… as a kid, I was lucky that I didn’t fall prey to fast food due to lack of options. But still, it happened and I am still struggling to kill those cravings that have made me addicted… unhealthy.

    I think posts like yours are one step forward in fighting this fast food addiction. Good job!

  25. These days I am working a lot on presentation to make healthy food look interesting to my toddler. He is entering that fussy stage and I need to start being creative

  26. Eat Healthy To Keep Healthy. Its a Mantra for all. Keeping a tab on kids food habit is a difficult task these days when number of enticing junk foods rule their world. However, balancing has to be done keeping their health in mind. Homemade food is the best!!

  27. Very correct. Children need to eat healthy. And this is a great idea to make them eat home made food. Also if parents themselves stay away from outside food, it can make a great difference in kid’s food habit. Eating in restaurants could be an occasional fun time with whole family. ☺️
    Loved your post.

  28. I agree presentation is one of the major factors in keeping your kids interest towards the food you made. Keeping them away from junk is a real struggle for moms nowadays.

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