EASYFONE STAR – Designed for Kids


EASYPHONE STAR Specially, Designed for Kids


Parents are always concerned about their children safety and well being. No matter, how big they grow up but mom’s are always extra protective.

Today, I am a mother myself and I can very well understand the true meaning of care and protectiveness. Being protective is not wrong but the fact is that you have to be extra careful when you are not around.


Now a days, we hear lots of incidents happening here and around. That makes us more worried about my kids.

Few days back, I was coming from my yoga class and had a conversation with few of my friends about children safety. I thought and search on the internet about some gadget that can give my kid complete safety and at the same time, keep me updated about his activity.

I come across about an interview of Mr. Rahul Gupta, CEO of Easyfone who said, “We are extremely pleased to launch the Easyfone Star – India’s first phone for kids. It addresses the needs of parents who want a phone that helps their kids be safer and connected – but without the downsides that existing products offer. The Easyfone Star has been designed especially for children – essentially as a safety device. We will soon be launching more such products for children as well as others who have unique needs that existing products do not address.”


Easy phone present India’s first safety phone specially designed for kids.


  • The phone is GPS enabled for location tracking
  • Its has emergency switch or SOS button at the back
  • It has Do not disturb time zone feature
  • It has customised keypad. You can stick up to 4 pictures for effortless dialing.




Call Screening – Parents can configure the phone to allow certain numbers only. Only these numbers could be connected via Easyfone, be it incoming or outgoing. It has 1.77 coloured screen

Dedicated SOS Button– It’s very easy to trigger SOS signal via Easyfone as there is (red) button at the back of the phone just at the top right which could be pushed upward to motion the warning. This will ring SOS numbers one by one.  Once activated, the GPS location is sent to a family member along with a help message. Up to five numbers are called automatically one by one.

Discreet Listening – Discreet Listening feature that means, suppose if your kid is in tution or in dance class, you can enable the phone   … feature and can easily hear the conversation going on.

Auto Call Pickup Function – If your kid is not taking your call, you can send a command to Easyfone from your registered number and listen to the surrounding of the kid. A call to the easyfone will be automatically picked up and the microphone activated without ringing

Care Touch – You cannot add any contacts on the phone itself. For this, you have to go to https://www. easyfone.in on your computer and sign up with your email address or mobile number. Once this is done, log in and click on “Caretouch” on the website.

No Internet  feature -This phone does not support internet so it means no scope for browsing available. and no more distraction

Cradle Charger –  This feature gives your kid  safety to your kid. You will not like that  your kid to play with wires, hence Easyfone comes with cradle charger.

Wellness Update –  The phone can send you update about his health at regular interval.

Scheduler – Most of the people are working these days, so you can not be around your kids surroundings all the time. . You kid my have to attend their school, tution, dance class or any other extracurricular activities.

Hide Menu – You tend to worry about his/her friends or whom they interact with. Now, you have a solution. You can hide the entire menu or some part of the menu of Easyfone, if you need to. You can bar up to 20 numbers that will not be able to get through to the child and add another 20 that can actually talk to him or her.

Safe & Sturdy Body – The phone is made of superior quality and it has been tested by government bodies so they won’t burst on its own due to excess usage or any other use.

Do Not Disturb Mode – This is also one of the very nice feature when you don’t want to get disturbed while you are sleeping or busy.  you can put the phone on Do Not Disturb Mode.

You can customise/simplify menu by hiding unused feature through your computer.

  • The phone is 2G enabled
  • Quad Band
  • Torch
  • It is also lanyard capable



Easy Phone is available in 5 colours :

  • Breezy Blue
  • Sassy Pink
  • Wonder White
  • Tangy Green
  • Rocket Red


The handset’s primary audience is kids, which it intends to keep safe as well as connected. It comes with a host of safety features, including a way to pre-configure numbers so that the child speaks to only known people.

The phone’s keypad can be personalised with pictures of contacts by adding stickers of their loved ones. It is a simple phone with no dial pad.



Easyfone STAR doesn’t come with internet connectivity but has built-in GPS that will help parents to track their child. The handset also has a dedicated SOS key which allows children to seek help quickly in emergencies

It further comes with a unique pre-installed feature called ‘Care Touch’ that will enable you to configure all the important and critical settings only through the company’s website. You can create a unique id and password and do the necessary settings.

The caretouch feature works all over the world using the internet or a memory card locally.

Other features of the Easyphone STAR include “do not disturb” time windows and ways to remind and schedule study time, activities, B’days, etc. for children.

So now children can schedule their activities like wake up alert, school, tution, upcoming birthdays, extra curricular activities on their personalised .

Phone Contents or Accessory

  • It comes with Cradle charger, so no fear of shock and effortless charging.
  • It comes with ear phone,
  • 800Mah battery
  • Adapter
  • User Manual


The market price of the phone is Rs 3,490

Available on EASYPHONE website, Amazon and Flipkart


So make your kids happy, by gifting something that gives them safety and confidence to go anywhere without any fear. At the same time it gives parents, the satisfaction and Connectivity with their kids even when they are not around.

You can avail a special discount of Rs. 250 by giving my Unique Code POOJA250 while ordering your phone.





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22 thoughts on “EASYFONE STAR – Designed for Kids

  1. In this fast paced life, it looks like a perfect gadget for kids. I really love its features which are specially designed for kids, would love to have it for my kiddo.

  2. I guess since the phone warrantees a lifetime of safety and going by it’s features it surely does. I think that 3,490 is only a small investment.

  3. This is such a cool gadget.. every parent needs to invest in this for their child’s safety and keeping a trach of their whereabouts.

  4. Wow your post has solved my problem, I was looking for gifting something like this to elder one on her birthday and after reading your post, it seems it is just perfect for kids. I like that it is government tested.

  5. I am completely impressed..would definetly buy this for my son..he wants a mobile for himself but I didnt want to get him that because of games and youtube..now I will be carefree

  6. The features of easy phone sounds so good. They will really put parents mind at peace that they can track their child anywhere. It will definitely help in reducing crime rate rèlated to kids.

  7. This is a great invention for parents like us. Will get one soon for my daughter also. Thanks for sharing this information.

  8. The design and features of easy phone definitely makes it safe for kids use. It’s impressive that it comes with so many settings as per parents need

  9. My son is using this phone and I can vouch for the level of safety I feel towards his well being with this phone in hand.

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