Setting up your business involves a skill and to keep your business up and running is a big challenge. However, before we get started, we need to first understand the different ways of business idea and understanding about professional networking platform

BlueTie cloud-based software
BlueTie cloud-based software

Starting up a jewellery designing freelancing business was always on my mind. Me and my best friend have been thinking of this since long. We have thought of brand name, have creative and innovative designing ideas in mind. We had also done a quite few market research from where we could procure things and to reach out the strategy which could be mutually beneficial and competitive too.

professionals with co-relating objectives
professionals with co-relating objectives

In the early days, it was critical to spread the word within your personal network and to let everyone know that you’ve taken the leap and have decided to start your own business venture. But these days, If you’re a creative person with a talent for design, It’s possible to turn your passion into profit.

Just when I was losing patience, a friend recommended me BlueTie App. This was one solution to all my questions. Like one thing which we wanted. Through which, we can contact with brands and to reach out with potential buyers. At the same time, to explore about:

  • How to exchange ideas
  • Investment opportunities
  • Seek funds for business
  • Strategic partnership with people who match up with your work interest
  • To Read market strategy mutually
  • To create a reliable network to rely on for constant flow of work.

Now, Let me give you more idea about what is BlueTie and brief you about how does it work.

BlueTie is a platform which believe you focus on networking and not on networking buildings. One of its key feature is that BlueTie enables people to reach out to professionals with a pre-defined objective.  For instance, if you are looking for mentorship, the platform will help you reach out to someone who is interested in mentoring. It’s a professional networking platform where you can meet people who exactly complement your networking need.

BlueTie unique pin generation
BlueTie App unique pin generation

And, if someone is looking to hire for a particular position, then BlueTie will help them identify an individual with the required skill set. BlueTie uses smart filters like the micro and macro location search that bring even more granularity to the process.

Consequently, I registered myself on BlueTie and defined my objectives – Strategic Patnership. And the App instantly showed me professionals whose objectives were similar as mine. I reached out to few of them and then I realised about the benefits of professional networking platform.

It’s like you meet them and then you get to know they were looking for you too. Wonderful, right?


I made my profile on BlueTie and created my BlueTie Pin – poseinstyle. The app showed me only those relevant professionals who were looking for freelancers.

I reached out to them and the app’s timely acknowledgment system really helped a great deal here. No more waiting around, only timely response!

Since then, I have scored quite a few projects and still going.  You can download the app using my referral code – posdeee6

You can also register and create one for yourself and get connected for all your requirement and avail the benefits of new age networking.

Also visit website: and to download, click this:

Everything worked out for me pretty great as now I’m working on many. Simple and easy, the app connects you to the one you need, at the time you need.

Stay Happy ! Stay Connected!!


    1. absolutely dear. very helpful indeed for young entrepreneurs. one can even filter the need based requirement and meet the people that meets your area of interest

  1. Hi Pooja,
    I am happy to see that finally you are focusing on your dream . As you and your friend thought about that business!

    Btw this review is really awesome, it’s helpful for me .

  2. I didnt even know about such amazing app. So here basically you can reach to the people and professionals based on your category! I have to download it and will explore too.

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